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We are a growing community of  50,000+  globally & TraderCobb has worked with some of the biggest names in trading:

This is the perfect content for those that need to understand what bitcoin, blockchain and the dawn of a new era in the internet and money. This course is here to help the viewer to understand that cryptocurrency is not a scam, not for kids and is something they need to take notice of. A step by step walk through relating back to the Internet's first days, this is a video easy for anyone to understand and to get started in cryptocurrency.

About TraderCobb Media & Corporate Services.

This page illustrates services and work we have done and can do for you.

Tradercobb has 14 years of experience producing media & education to corporates in the trading, investment, cryptocurrency & blockchain space.

Tradercobb is a sought after international educator and speaker, also hosting the well-received TraderCobb Crypto Show that spans 100+ countries and has ranked number 1 in cryptocurrency as well as business/investing categories on Apple iTunes Podcast rankings in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Belgium, France & Singapore, to name a few.

We tailor-make, produce & manage content and media for many brands.
Get in touch if you are keen to explore any of our offering below, and how we can do this for you or your clients.

The brands we ideate, produce and
manage media / content for are:

TraderCobb can also host, interview and report for your brand as we have done for many well know global brands.

World Blockchain Summit – Dubai
Joseph Lubin Interview
Craig Cobb on 60 Minutes
CNBC Crypto Interview

Examples of some of our work is listed below.

The team at TraderCobb can ideate, produce and manage your education and media delivery.
We also offer collaboration with our various global audiences via our brand network of Tradercobb, Micky News and Bitcoinerx, to name a few, as well as their respective social networks.

Examples of media we can produce are displayed below.

We also custom make content & media for your brand 

Beginners Guide to CryptoCurrency

What do you think it takes for trading success?
This video makes sure people understand good trading and traders
takes time, process, discipline and long term application to master.

What do you think it takes for trading success?  This video makes sure people understand good trading and traders takes time, process, discipline and long term application to master.

Educational Video Series

We produce content fit for purpose.

Understand & survey your current audience


Review your current & new target markets


Storyboard educational series to suit these target audiences

Produce & share for your review


Disseminate. Multiple targeted channels as well as your own

You can host content we produce either on your website for your users, clients or members or we can.

This series of videos below are designed to open the minds of a new trader to the understanding of how markets move and what tools they can use and ignore.

Problem - 1000+ survey respondents told us that risk, time to trade & complexity are the main issues new traders suffered.

Solution - Walking the viewer in a simple and focused approach to understanding the key elements of trading, risk management and how to get started.

The Path To Trading Success

What do you think it takes for trading success?
This video makes sure people understand good trading takes time, process, discipline and long term application to master.

Technical Analysis Vs Trading Strategy

Yes you have spent time learning about technical analysis but has it made you decisive, given you structure or just downright confused you?

In this video, TraderCobb compares technical analysis with real trading strategy.

​Chart Patterns The Names Mean Nothing

TraderCobb explains why the names of patterns and charts mean absolutely nothing and why Price Action Mastery is the key

What Works and What Doesn't

In this lesson, TraderCobb gives an understanding of the old school methods that fail and the methods that actually work. This is based off his 14 years of technical trading experience.

Risk In Trading

Every trade you ever take will carry risk so you best understand how that risk comes and how to work with it. TraderCobb explains what is often glossed over, and what he considers to be the most important discipline to master before you ever consider trading - risk management.

Risk and Money Management

Part of our risk management series which if more people watched pre or post the peak of the market, would have 100% adjusted their approach and either saved their 90% losses that eventuated or avoided them entirely!

​Using Moving Averages Correctly

Most won't know what moving averages are calculated from and therefore they miss the valuable lessons moving averages can teach us.

In this video, TraderCobb gives you a basic but powerful tool that most overlook.

What is Flawless Execution

Having a great strategy isn't all you need.

How you execute will decide upon your consistency. 

Your consistency in your approach will decide the consistency of your results

Market Scans & Commentary Service - Daily, Weekly, Monthly

TraderCobb scans the top 100 coins daily, the focus is on using technical analysis to spot the best trends and where to focus attention.

Perfect for beginners through to seasoned traders to focus on what matters. Great for those that are time-poor, like a market update and for a general understanding of where the flow of money is in the markets
​We can do this on your website or for your members to help point them in the right direction

 Website or Exchange Walkthrough

Would you like Tradercobb to show your clients exactly how to peruse your website, platform or exchange? If an exchange we can step by step walk users through on how to raise orders and place trades. Here are examples of exactly that. Note: These videos can be presented by Craig and in a shorter version.​

TraderCobb hosts, interviews and guest reports.

TraderCobb can guest report or ongoing report for you also.

TraderCobb has reported for the following :

Event Coverage & MC Services

We can cover your event or launch in full or host as MC.

Host an Education Event

Host an education event. If you would like to have an education event, for example a trading day or a 2-day event, we can do that. We have the material and Craig is ready to provide a world-class service to your clients and or members.
Above example is part of a Trading Education event

Online Trading Education

Would you like to offer your clients an online course about trading that they can view whenever they like and as often as they like without having to pay for anything?
We can provide you and your clients with all of the foundations along with a complete checklist trading strategy for them to start using immediately.

This is perfect for websites looking to create more value as well as exchanges looking to have a unique offering to open an account, reactivate dormant accounts or increase volume.

Some of the basic course chapters here,we can provide more, or full access, on request.

​Chapter 2 - Basics & Lingo

Chapter 5 - Mastering Price Action - Trend

Chapter 6 - Mastering Price Action - Chart Patterns

Chapter 9 - Multiple Time Frames

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